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Masquerade and the Nameless Women – Review

Masquerade and the Nameless Women - Eiji Mikage

Summary: Serial Killer Higano is the misogynistic author self-insert who wants to punish women for “Justice!” All other characters don’t really matter as he’s enough to ruin whatever good story that was going on. Also Mikage probably read ‘Lolita’ and though that little girls are seducers (not what Lolita’s author intended). Also incest and rape. Basically totally gross. This book fails at everything. If you take it apart, none of the characters even need to be here. Yuri Uguisu doesn’t need to be here as Yamaji could be Higano’s foil. Yamaji and Higano doesn’t need to be here as the main plot works just fine without these dudes mucking it up. Higano is just there to be the smug perfect dude character that people would never call a ‘Mary Sue’ because male. Just let Yuri do the same thing and you’d have all the males screeching “Mary Sue!” Noi-tan can just be removed entirely. She adds nothing to the story at all and her existence is jarring to the messed up narrative. I have no idea why the Broauthor put her in there. Yet all of these characters are together to make a story all about how a dude fucked up his misogynistic fantasy. Yuri could be the sole character for this and we could have written Higano out of it completely and it would have been a great read. She doesn’t even get justice for her dead sister. We only know that Higano killed her. That’s it. The book doesn’t fill anything else out about her. The main plot with Reina Myoko is actually really awesome as the twist in the end is “YEAH AWESOME! SHE DID IT!” and Yuri could have figured it out in the end and still let her get away. But you see. A male cannot leave a “bad woman” to live and must have his self insert character punish women who “get away.” A serial killer that kills for “JUSTICE!” as he punishes women for doing things he doesn’t like. This is the twist on a twist that the book has. This is Higano’s character. A serial killer that murders bad women for ‘justice’. But only beautiful women you see. He doesn’t want any of those ugly women of course dear male reader. He has a literal murder basement and his assistant that may or may not know what he’s doing. A woman that is complicit in the death of other women. Yuri is infantalized throughout the book by Yamaji calling her “Princess” and sexually harassing all the women but her. But you see dear reader, author thinks women want to be sexually harassed by men. I really have no idea why Yuri exists as any other character could have done what she did. The only reason I can see why she exists is that we needed a ‘barely legal’ woman, with a dead sister, that the male readers could wank off to. She also provides a woman for Higano to threaten with death in his creepy “Your hand is beautiful!” serial killer way. In the end she is correct that Higano is the killer, but nothing comes of it. In the end she’s right, but she’s not triumphant. That is only reserved for men. THAT being said, it would have been better if Yamaji and Higano was removed and she was the only one solving the Reina case as the case itself was a nice twist of a mystery. Yamaji exists only to serve as a body for the gross male readers to insert themselves into. The older, sexist character that thinks of grown women that have gone through police training as “princess”. He’s also the one that does the police legwork that Yuri could have done. A useless character. Noi-tan. One of those girl hate characters that haaates people getting close to her maaaaan. She offers nothing that any other couldn’t have done. She’s just jarring to even have her. This book seems like some sort of real-life fanfiction from the author. Children that can “fall in love” with their parent and murder their other parent. (We have a dead mother here). Higano is the serial killer that doesn’t derive pleasure from kill, yet he does it any way. For you see, he punishes beautiful women for the ills they have caused to society. But you see, in the end Reina pulls one over on Higano, however she is still dead. That’s it. The book is over. Nothing was gained here. There is no conclusion to Yuri’s story as it relates to Higano despite that being her reason for being on the case. Yamaji fades off. That’s it. This whole mystery is just to serve as a minor ripple in a man’s plot against women. A woman dies just for that. The way the author describes Reina as just “beautiful” and really gives her no personality. She exists to die in an overcomplicated plot to throw this douchebag off. The plot that could have been better if Higano wasn’t even in the equation.

Star Darlings (1-3) - Review

Star Darlings Collection Volume 1: Sage and the Journey to Wishworld; Libby and the Class Election; Leona's Unlucky Mission - Shana Muldoon Zappa, Ahmet Zappa

Overall this is a pretty good series for girls. It has a overarcing plot going on in the back ground and the world is this sci-fi futuristic world so yay sci-fi for girls.

The bad of it is that we have the mean girl via Vivica who is only there to cause trouble and be mean with no real reason as to why.

That being said Scarlet is snubbed by everyone for being a bit abrasive which ends the book of her knowing what's going on but Leona not giving her time to explain. It's a weak way to set up future conflicts due to misunderstandings.


Fucking up kids 101

Star Darlings Collection Volume 1: Sage and the Journey to Wishworld; Libby and the Class Election; Leona's Unlucky Mission - Shana Muldoon Zappa, Ahmet Zappa

Wishing for money is considered "greedy" yet Disney the one that publishes this series is always greedy for money.

It's telling kids that wanting money is "greedy" yet they are supposed to admire people that hoard it.

The example given is wishing for money to BUY A NEW PLAYGROUND FOR SCHOOL! Of course the good responses are doing fundraisers for the school. If only businesses paid their taxes and the city didn't sqander it.

Money is what keep people surviving in this capitalist hellscape. It's not greedy to wish for money unless you already have piles of it.

Pride and Prejudice - Review

Pride and Prejudice (Manga Illustrated Classics) - Jane Austen, Shiei

Overall this book is boring. There's really nothing that happens except taking strolls, playing cards and having balls/parties. Of course there's talking, lots of talking.

That being said there's a lot here that modern romance and YA novels can learn here.

First of all Elizabeth (the MC) never doubts her beauty and it's Darcy making a snide remark about her that makes Lizzy hate Mr. Darcy.

Also here we have the male falling into basic "insta-love" after he sees Lizzy a few times. Her on the other hand is of course hating him as he is NOT making himself a good person.

Lizzy also is one to speak her mind and tell him off as well as his mother. She's not a shrinking violet that most female main characters are. She doesn't let people treat her as a doormat. Another thing to be taken from this book.


Now another thing is that after Lizzy reject Darcy';s marriage proposal, he doesn't keep harassing her to get a yes, that most books do. Nor does he do ONE good thing in saving her life that she suddenly likes him for. He actually works to build her trust back up.

Where he told Mr. Bingley to give up on Jane, he rectifies this by telling him the found truth. He helps Lydia out when she runs off with Wickman to "save her honour". He also discharges some of Wickmans debt so Lydia can live better. (They don't as both of them pretty much waste all thier money frivolously). It's also only after these things that Lizzy starts to like and then love Mr. Darcy. So a good half of the book she hates him.

Most of the love interests are assholes and remain assholes and we are supposed to love them for this.

Finally Lizzy gets to tell Darcy's mom off after she insults her and her family. Most modern MCs just roll over and take it. This also doesn't affect the way Mr. Darcy views Lizzy in any negative way.


The parts which should be left behind are of course the whole "women as property" and the "marriage for status". Also it says that Lizzy is "poor" but she has a few servants so we know she isn't that poor. Just a poor noble. Also there's talk about hos women are a certain way and of course Lydia running of with a man "ruins her" as if she was some object to be used. Also the fact that Lydia is 16 and Wickman is 25 is pretty gross.

Also there's no real plot to speak of other than talking and talking and more talking. The only point of this talking is to get the girls married. There's no real big thing. You can call this book a slice of life in that regard.


Overall there's a lot modern books can get from this book, but leave the past garbage in the past.

Reading progress update: I've read 454 out of 616 pages.

Pride and Prejudice (Manga Illustrated Classics) - Jane Austen, Shiei

Ah yes the good old "a woman is ruined if a man rapes her." Something that is carried forward even today.

Reading progress update: I've read 410 out of 616 pages.

Pride and Prejudice (Manga Illustrated Classics) - Jane Austen, Shiei

The part of the book where Austen is trying to prove to us how GOOD Darcy is when we know he's pretty shit. All the while humiliating Elizabeth that she's "so wrong" about him.

Reading progress update: I've read 365 out of 616 pages.

Pride and Prejudice (Manga Illustrated Classics) - Jane Austen, Shiei

Was it really necessary for Lizzy to be humiliated? I ope she still hates him. Yeah she was wrong, but he was a complete asshole about it and didn't clarify things beforehand.

Reading progress update: I've read 318 out of 616 pages.

Pride and Prejudice (Manga Illustrated Classics) - Jane Austen, Shiei

I like the fact that Lizzy has a backbone and when Darcy is all "Marry me" she tears him to shreds. It's something you don't see in modern romance. The MC usually goes limp noodle or the love interest shuts her up with a kiss and she does nothing about it.

Seraph of the End (Novels) - Review

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose's Catastrophe at 16 Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol.1 - Yamato Yamamoto, Takaya Kagami

So I was hoping this book and the series as a whole would be more like Trinity Blood.

It's not, so so very much isn't.

We have a shitty male as the hero that treats everyone like garbage who only cares about power. All the women in this book are treated as sexual objects for the reader as Guren himself "doesn't have time for a relationship" so he treats them like trash.

Many time the women are said to be intelligent and skilled, however at NO time does any of the women ever beat a male. Besides the Mito fight does no women ever have a chance to show how super awesome and skilled she really is. SHe's always needing saving or being one upped by some shitty male. Sayuri for example is severely beaten and has her clothing ripped open for the titillation of male reader. She's Guren bodyguard and needs to be stronger than him. Of course she absolutely never gets to show her skills at all. Shigure barely does, and she only managed to scratch Mito's cheek.

Really I don't get why if the women are so shitty why they continue to be allowed into the school, where only the best get to graduate. It's shitty world building where you let your misogyny overrule any kind of realism in your story to where saying that women actually graduate when none of them can even beat a male. Only males would graduate in the end.

It makes no sense and honestly makes the book unreadable. It's about a shitty boy who wants revenge any way he can take it that treats everyone like crap and is rewarded for it.


THere's also the Lord and Master shit going on because Vertical is afraid to use -dono/-sama

Reading progress update: I've read 332 out of 350 pages.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose's Catastrophe at 16 Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol.1 - Yamato Yamamoto, Takaya Kagami

The author is saying that Sayuri is "intelligent" even though at no point in this book it has ever been shown that she is. It's Shigure that's been shown to be this. Then again, maybe being smarter than a brick is considered intelligent to a male as they thing women are "stupid" in the first place.

Also this is throwing women at a male that treats them like trash and she won't give up on his shitty ass. Because of course she won't.

Males get women tosses at them all the time and they can treat them like trash and they'll still love them.

Women just get tosses all the trash males and are expected to love them.

Males can have no time for a relationship, women on the other hand must stop their life for a man.


Also Guren SHOULD have been weak after a month in a coma but of course he wasn't

Reading progress update: I've read 321 out of 350 pages.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose's Catastrophe at 16 Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol.1 - Yamato Yamamoto, Takaya Kagami

So Mahiru shows up and does the whole Eve tempting Adam bullshit, then Mahiru loses to Ferid, some vampire guy. Guren manages to stay standing against Ferid of course and then Shinya gets the drop on Mahiru because of course he does. He wasn't really knocked out because a girl did it and he's a male so it was never going to work.

Now Mahiru needs a maaaan to save her from herself.


You know, I'd say that Guren is acting asexual. Only interested in power and not having any form of sexual interest in anyone. That being said, men are allowed to be "asexual" to only want power and not anything to do with women and only military relationships with other men.

Women are never afforded any kind of disinterest in men, whether they are asexual or just don't have time for men at that point in their lives. Other women are only seen as a roadblock to them.


Now GUren is fighting SHinya, because of course he is.

Reading progress update: I've read 300 out of 350 pages.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose's Catastrophe at 16 Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol.1 - Yamato Yamamoto, Takaya Kagami

So GUren wants power and the first person he things to kill is Mito, the girl. Mito of course can't figure out his motive, but Shinya can.

Of course Mito says "Hey let me save you" and Guren gets even more into killing her.


I don't get why Guren is calling all the shots here anyways since Shinya is a Hiragi. Even before Guren was under Kureto he was calling the shots. It makes NO SENSE.


Of course MIto is knocked unconscious as well as Sayuri and Shigure. Super power women that you just don't mess with amirite?? These people are supposed to be GOOD, supposed to be TRAINED.


Men's misogyny knows no bounds.

Reading progress update: I've read 283 out of 350 pages.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose's Catastrophe at 16 Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol.1 - Yamato Yamamoto, Takaya Kagami

So, another thing I've been noticing is how many times the girls are told to shut up by Guren where he just "..." all the males.

Also all the women are expected to do all the gopher stuff, like get snacks and serve tea.


And of course Mito is bested by Guren. Put into her place. Norito however is good as he's a spellcaster. Guren doesn't need to put a sword to his neck, he also reacted while Mito is all "Ah, how DARE you". Mito is supposed to be good. She's part of the Jujo clan. We haven't really see her be good at all other than against Shigure. Another girl.


Of course the COMBAT UNIFORMS HAVE SKIRTS They are supposed to protect from various things however the girls are of course forced into mini-skirts and all of them are acting brainless asking if the outfits "suit them". THey are supposed to be on a super special secret mission.

Males want to talk about realism in things yet won't say a goddamn thing about this shit.

Reading progress update: I've read 244 out of 350 pages.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose's Catastrophe at 16 Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol.1 - Yamato Yamamoto, Takaya Kagami

Women babble, screech, are weak are 'petulant children', they are annoying, they are everything but human.


In this section Guren is tortured and of course doesn't give up everything, meanwhile all the women are secondary and Mito Jujo is doing her "I'm a Jujo and don't like you, but because this is for dudes I have to love you because OH GUREN you are sooo strong!"


Everything is about fighting and strength, there's no empathy at all. This teaches men that only anger matters and that any other emotion is wrong and bad and weak and shit.

Reading progress update: I've read 188 out of 350 pages.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose's Catastrophe at 16 Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol.1 - Yamato Yamamoto, Takaya Kagami

This book teaches boys that 5 year old boys shouldn't cry. That 5 year old boys are "older" than 5 year old girls. That 5 year olds can fall "insta-love" to each other. Also there's girl hate. That shitty kind of "I'm in love with him so you can't be" girl hate going on.


I'm finished with book one though. This is an omnibus so there's a book two. I wish it wasn't as I'm already done with this shitty shounen garbage man book.

Reading progress update: I've read 161 out of 350 pages.

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose's Catastrophe at 16 Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol.1 - Yamato Yamamoto, Takaya Kagami

Girls lay weeping and screaming

Boy stood dazed...


Boys get to be strong in the face of death, girls just lay there and scream........


Mito Jujo also is suddenly in love with Guren and is now a crying, weak mess that need a maaaan to comfort her. They kind of even lamp shade the fact she's suddenly clinging onto Guren.


Men should never write.

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