The author's GRUDGE against women

Ju-On - Kei Ohishi, Joe Swift


I know that seems kind of silly for a horror novel but, this book seems to revel in the way it tortures the women in the book as if this was a sick fantasy for the author.

The story itself is terrible as, after you get the main story of Kayako, it just keeps repeating that narrative in some form or fashion through out the book with all the characters.
Everyone dies save one person, but you expect this, however they all die the same way. Over and over. So basically once you have the story of Kayako, that's it. That's the whole story. Just insert all the new characters into the framework and bam.

One top of all this is the misogyny, where once strong women do a 180 and are reduced to simpering piles. Every woman's looks is described over and over and the brand items they carry are name dropped like the author didn't have any idea how women act, dress or view themselves.

Really I think the author has a Grudge against women and it really shows. I know Japanese horror has a thing for vengeful women, but I don't remember the movie being this terrible.