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Mobile Suit Gundam: Awakening, Escalation, Confrontation - Yoshiyuki Tomino

122 Oh of COURSE Lalah is OK with having her personal space and maybe even person violated.. just for the man she looooooves


123 Lalah needs a man just to keep her mind in order, because wimmin amirite?


"She was the type of woman that drove men crazy" Uhh.. no.. women cannot drive men crazy, it is men that lack self control.


125 Oh they translate the "Sieg Zeons" because Zeon aren't nazis right? yeah no.. they are literal space nazis.


132 "He hated the formal,prissy sound of her voice" Fuck off Amuro. Women are not objects you get to fucking grade. Also she juts her jaw out and he doesn't like that, because women must conform to what men think at all times.

This is the shit men write. This is what they think of women...


136 Lalah giggles and of course a man hates it (Char). Anything feminine men hate. Also she says that "OF COURSE" Char would be better at this thing than her... because man probably.

Also women are tools for men. The author blatantly states this.


137 Mirai is "Wife material"....also they don't take her seriously because she's a woman.


138 "Waves" are women because men are dumb animals that will do anything a woman says if she's pretty... because Sayla doesn't pander to the beast men, the men of course hate her. And since they don't listen to her.. she's to blame.

Age and military rank are comparable.. especially if they are women.

Amuro is a raging misogynist in this book. Oh she forgot his name... demerit.