Mecha Misogyny Action

Fafner: Dead Aggressor (Novel) - To Ubukata, Xebec

This book is a pile of misogyny in an anime mecha show wrapper.

First of all we get the main character Kazuki, who is SO AWESOME AT EVERYTHING, the book pretty much keeps stating it over and over and that is why he was chosen as a pilot.
It also like to bring up information is an "Oh yeah" way. Like when talking about Kazuki's dad talking to another dad it was "Oh yeah, one day they talked" out of the blue, same with Kazuki first meeting Shoko "Oh yeah, that one time when he had to go back..."

Now the misogyny, every female character is only for male character development. Two of them are fridged for manpain.
There is only one female pilot. Yes she dies, you learn of this on page 36, but of course don't know about her until around the end of the book. She only exists to die and bring character development to Kazuki, you don't even see how she dies. It is just mentioned in a throw away sentence. You probably see it in the anime, but this isn't the anime.
So there are 0 female pilots, the only one we had was fridged so Kazuki could find himself, off screen. You don't even get to know her character really as it likes to switch around. She's also the fragile deer with like a billion anime diseases that make it impossible for her to walk down the street, but she is "healthy" and only has a misshapen liver... cuz anemia is SO HEALTHY. She also can't eat meat because of liver and.. I have never heard that ever.
The other female character is introduced and killed off so quickly I can barely remember her... she gets a character blurb but of course that is all we are told, we are never shown.
Maya the last character is said to do rock climbing. Is said, now shown to do rock climbing. This is just tossed out there as she is a 'savant' but because of nerve business she can't be a pilot. OF. COURSE. Because we can't have a strong female character. I have no idea why Ubukata hates women, but he does.