Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie

I wanted to like this book more but, really some parts felt like I was reading a word salad. Like the descriptions always wanted you to read into them and, I'm not really good at that sometimes. Also it has the "Too Much Too Fast" disease where it's tossing names at you left and right and expecting you to keep track of them. Seivarden, Uppers, Lowers, Ors, Tanmind, planet names, Justice this, Mercy that, One Amaat One, etc. It was hard to keep them straight at who really mattered and who was just an extra in the cast. It also didn't help that the book flip flops between past and present for a while.

The plot itself doesn't really start until the middle of the book when the stuff in the past finally happens, leading up to now.

The story itself isn't really "Mind Blowing" as some of the blurbs put it. Shin Sekai Yori is kind of mind blowing when it does the big reveal! This was a simple revenge story.

A person goes out, and gets revenge on the one who wronged them. Only this time it's a ship mind and not just some humans.


Overall it isn't a bad read, and certainly doesn't have all the sexism that's in Sci-Fi however it wasn't the SUPER AWESOME read that people made it out to be.


If the idea of an all knowing all seeing ship is interesting "On A Red Station Drifting" does something like this as well, with ancestors and implants and such.