Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard

This book is shit.
I almost want to read how this book is some kind of parody about how YA fiction is. But even the book I'm reading that's supposed to be a parody of all the terrible of YA fiction IS TILL BETTER THAN THIS BOOK.

Let's just start off with the misogyny. EVERY. SINGLE. WOMAN. Is hated on in this book. Even the sister and mother. Even some random NPC secretary. All the men are noble and awesome and great. Even when they are evil itself, they are still given more agency than the women.
I also had high hopes for this book subverting tropes. You don't need to be psychic to predict how this book is going to turn out. Alpha males good, Beta males are EVIL. That's not even a spoiler at this point. There's a "B**ch Posse" with Evageline. "He's so misunderstoooood!" and just like. YOu an see EVERYTHING coming a mile away and it leaves you shaking your head going "No the book wouldn't go there?" BUT IT DOES!
This also has a healthy dose of "NOT ALL OPPRESSIVE MAJORITY!", which is the thing that just kills this book entirely.

Every character in this book is also one dimensional. Evil Queen, Evil Fiancee, etc. Even the names are 1D. Osanos... Ocean, uses water. Even one house called Viper with black and green as the colors... like Syltherin. Did I mention the houses and the colors. This place is like dinner theatre Mideval Times in Florida.
Let's not even go into the "We have no idea what a 'coup d’état' despite the fact we kill each other." There are many moments of that in this book as well.