Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime

Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime - Mizuki Nomura This book would have been 10x better without referencing Touko's chest every chance it got, and making TOuko strip and basically treating it's female character's like utter shit. Because honestly there's a good story in there and it has this ecchi dressing around it for no good reason.

That being said I don't get why Touko needs to be a youkai. (The TL/editor used 'goblin' because racism and cultural censorship is cool) It really has little bearing on this story. It might come out later, but for now it just seems to be tacked in there.

Also the editing is... not good.
""YOu'll have lines of dialogue.""
""Like this.""
""And you wonder, who's talking?""
When they are all the same character. It's really confusing when you NEED to piece out who's doing what.

The final thing about this book is that it has Ju-on disease. It basically REPEATS the same story over and over for no real good reason other than to get MC-kun to save Moe-chan, which is just another handout to the gross otaku squad.
It also makes out Japanese drivers to be totally unsafe if they are going about running over people... or they don't get their brakes checked often.