The Alchemist’s Memory - Katie Gatto

This book really feels disjointed. The protagonist, Callia, seems to flip-flop on if she hates her brother or if she doesn't and in one scene goes to kill him only "Nope", and of course he gets the upper hand.


The whole book is about her brother controlling her and she more or less dances to his tune even though it's said she doesn't want to or won't. Trigger warning for incest and the brother wants her romantically and is of course the jealous type.

The story also seems to start out in the most random place, with her in the woods having fallen or something? It never really gets explained and a large portion of this book is never explaining things. Also the world building is non-existant. There are just names of people and about two places mentioned. It's not even explained how the king had usurped anyone in the first place or what he had done to deserved to be re-ursurped.


Overall it lacks a lot of world building and characterization. Not only that it just seems to end. More or less on a cliffhanger and considering how short it is. It really could have used more.


Not to mention the casual misogyny of "I'm not like those other fluff headed girls" when she's talking about the count. The constant controlling of Callia by her brother and her more or less liking it? Not liking it? Being a confused woman the whole time.


Another thing was that this was hard to read as the MOBI I got was double spaced and it had huge margins making it look more like poetry (it's not). I had to convert it to a better spaced EPUB. Other technical things in the book are a lot of typos. Mixed names, such as Erdan supposed to be speaking but it's attributed to Drew. Mixed genders, Drew is referred to by 'she' when he has up until this point be 'he' and afterwards is 'he'. Some words that are mixed, 'and' instead of 'an'. Some words that are missing, such as '..he had gone' and there's only 'had gone' and it really needed the 'he' there.