Viz ruins everything they touch

Sleeping Moon, Vol. 1 - Kano Miyamoto

Overall the story is good. One I'd like to continue. It's got time travel and ESP and curses and pretty awesome for a BL manga.

However ViZ's touch on this ruins most of it, with their goofy "dubbing" of the SFX, basically making this a "dub only affair", the replacing of if the vertical lines with "~~~~" is just bizarre and the final one that fucks things up is that... this was rated M for "Explicit Content" however there is none in this book. It might be different for the rest in the series BUT, none in this book which reeks of "same sex relationship are alway 'explicit' and must be hidden away from the eyes of non-adults" which is fucked up.

This is what takes the score down so much is ViZ's fuckery. They ruin everything they touch.