Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, Vol. 1

Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, Vol. 1 - Yu Godai, Kevin Frane I gave this book an extra star as it seems to deviate from the game and doesn't kill off it's women like the game.

So to set this up, Godai Yu actually was working on the game script as well as the novel in Tokyo, but had to quit due to being sick and unable to adjust to Tokyo life. So ATLUS then took what she gave them and ran with it.

However she did write this and it's pretty bad with it's female characters. All of them are shown to be weak in some way, Sera literally so. All are sexualized in some way. Sera is the fragile deer that needs and Onii-san to support her, Argilla has a slit up the side of her skirt (in battle?), Jinana is just stated outright. So it fails on that front. Argilla has an added bonus of having her atma have boob mouths... I am not joking. I have seen Sera's atma and it's a pink feminized version of Varuna. Gross.

Now the story? Knowing what the ultimate 'gotcha' is for it, the setup of the plot pretty much screams what the twist is. I mean if you can't read it in the title of the game. That being said the rest of the story is pretty much "blood and gore everywhere. Entrails. Fighting. More blood. Fighting. Rinse. Repeat. " oh and I almost forgot "Transformed into their atma. Transformed out of their atma." There. That's the rest of the story. "Drank blood, goes a bit out of control, regains control, etc." Nothing else happens.