Ojamajo Doremi 16

Ojamajo Doremi 16 - Midori Kuriyama, Yoshihiko Umakoshi The first 60% of this book is kids fare.
The Witch Apprentices getting back together and updating themselves on what's going on. The last 30% of the book is where all the action is where they start solving things.
This book is beast read after I think Doremi # where you have all the gangs introduced. However it wasn't that hard to follow if you didn't
The translator did a nice job too, adding in snippets for who's talking as apparently you infer who's talking by how they speak, which doesn't translate well into English. The translation however might offend people who like a localized translation with the Japanese culture complete strained out, and the text so liberal it rewrites the plot, as this text is a bit rough around the edges, but I like it.

Overall it's a good book for those that are a fan of the series. As most shoujo plots go, nothing super earth shattering happens and the plots are either magicked into success or everything is solved by talking it out.