Psychic Power Nanaki, Volume 3

Psychic Power Nanaki, Volume 3 - Ryo Saenagi Over all the final volume doesn't bring a close to any of the plot threads that have been introduced and only really sought to just say "Ao is totally one of those 80s espers that looks 16 and live forever maybe." That's it. After that there's a story called Divine that is just random nonsense. Even the manga-ka says this. However at least even the Manga-ka admits that Japanese men are all Lolicons going so far to even have one of the otaku characters want to see the panties of a little girl.
How true to life. *looks over at the piles of light novels with sexualized girls* Even so this manga was form back about a decade too.

Overall the conclusion was kinda crap, but I take it the manga ran out of popularity. Tokyopop's declined translations didn't help the story any either.