Sunbolt (The Sunbolt Chronicles) (Volume 1)

Sunbolt (The Sunbolt Chronicles) (Volume 1) - Intisar Khanani Wow this seemingly self-pub book was actually better than bad (it's good!).

It's not without problems, some I've mentioned in my musings. Namely how Hitomi is described.
It's got it's tropes, (looks 25, black hair... violet eyes!). Note however that there isn't any romance in this book. There are maybe hints of it, but overall Hitomi refeshingly doesn't pick up a dude.

HOWEVER, it seems she needs a dudes help to get out of a few of her battles, namely after Kol catches her, namely Val.
Which is something I hated about the book.
"Oh we are running awa-- NOPE captured!"
"OK this time FOR REALS runni-- NOPE!"
"Alright third times a charm righ-- NO!"
Though after the last time she basically depowers herself down to level 1. WHICH IS REALLY ANNOYING since it was really great until that point and then BAM. I mean dudes in their book maybe have a setback, but are rarely depowered. They just train up to the next Super Saiyan level or something. Or even they are so awesome they just win every fight as if they had godmode set to ON.
Still though, it was a refreshing break away from the dreck I've seen lately in YA and other books with female heroes.