Reading progress update: I've read 260 out of 432 pages.

Into the Dim - Janet B. Taylor

We have the whole Collum is the nasty alpha that the MC always seems to be weak around, countered with the enemy with the black hair and the cool eyes. Who actually seems to be a decent guy over all. He play it up like he's going to hurt Hope to get a guard to leave then he's Mr. Nice but "You have to save yourself."

Hope's mom is being raped and tortured via Babcock by Celia who is "The woman scorned".


Oh there's a Jewish girl... I think she's there to add "D I V E R S I T Y" and make Hope a "Christian white savior"

Also Phoebe cheats on Doug, because she's always had a fantasy. I guess it's good the book hasn't stooped to calling her a slutwhorejezebel yet. Maybe it's got a bit of decency to it.


Also there's an evil priest Thomas Becket of Canterbury. The book is almost saying "This is the TRUE misogyny here! Pay no attention to the way I slut shamed the cheerleaders and all that nonsense!"


Still no gays,bis, or lesbians