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— feeling angry
The Stories of Ibis - Hiroshi Yamamoto, Natsuki Lee, Takami Nieda

So the author write about a male author writing about the sexual experience of a woman in the first person. He admits that the male author can't possible understand what she's feeling however he ends it with "But if her's captured that moment realistically, a female reader ought to be able to understand and identify with the experience."

Seriously the entitlement here that if a man writes it "good" that women will identify with it.

You just admitted you can't and yet here you are saying that you can.

No. You. Can't. Yamamoto. Considering the shitty way you write women, you can't possibly conceive of how the first time is with a woman. I bet you'll write that the sex is suppose to hurt or some shitty mythological thing like that. Give it up author, you are failing all over the place and since you see women only as sex objects in the first place you can't possibly know how it is living as a woman. The innate fear that men have instilled in women. You'd brush it aside as being silly or write the male up as being trustworthy in his sexualizing ways or some shit.

At least after this pile of shit paragraph, Ibis admits she can ID better with female protagonists. At least the author knows that people ID with characters and women have an easier time with female characters.