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The Stories of Ibis - Hiroshi Yamamoto, Natsuki Lee, Takami Nieda

So this is where the story shows it hand. Basically a bunch of men made sexbots in a virtual space and had them fight.

This is the part where the story is like "I wrote this for you otaku people" where all the women are sexy in revealing clothes and fight each other. Ones wearing bustiers on pluto. One's where the man's preferences in boob size rule, despite the fact that we also state that androids with penis' are misogynistic. The author is tossing out a strawman here and what feminists would hate. He is totally avoid the fact that what he "loves" is pure misogynistic shit and really it should be the thing that they go after. Instead he put down that "anatomically correct android are totally gross". Such what a man would say.


So this is basically the author mastrubating a story up where only gynoids exist and all of them were created by the "down on their luck" otaku and we should worship these otaku because they brought us all this good stuff.


This book is seriously a self insert power fantasy that tosses women under the bus and tries to seem philosophical when it's really just a circle jerk over otaku shit.