Architects of Destiny

Architects of Destiny - Amy DuBoff So I was hoping this book was going to be a little bit like Terra E with espers and all that aaand, it's not. Really psychic powers don't even play all that much into this book other than Cris has them and he's really good at them. SO good he's the "chosen one" of being good with them.
I mean his powers don't even play into this so much that I even think the author at times forgot he had them like the scene in the ship store where he doesn't even use them to see if the people behind the counter are going to try and kidnap him.
The next problem I have with the book is that a lot of the secondary characters feel like props. Thom is there to basically tick off the "Spent time in a commoner spacecraft" box. Scott is the "Segue into the baby factory meetup" box and then there's Kate who is basically the baby factory. She doesn't really get any outstanding personality and is super in love with Cris. She of course gets mad at him when he reveals himself as High Dynasty, but that's quickly resolved and over with and they can get back to the baby making because that seems to be part of the major plot here is that they (of course) have a son who goes on to do things. At least the author has the sense of mind to realize that Cris having sex with Kate before telling her who he really was would be rape. Most authors think that shit is OK. So, she does get major credits for that...
However her views on women certainly aren't progressive, having the women in scoop necked tank tops and more form conforming clothes than the men. I mean it's written that Cris doesn't have coaching on girls and acts on instinct. Girls, you mean women, are human and I sure as hell hoped he'd have learnt how to treat fellow humans and second, instinct is that shitty excuse that men use when they rape women. They "can't help it" and all that bullshit. Really if he doesn't know what he's doing he could.. iunno... ASK

Overall the book is bland and things seem to happen simply for plot so there's not a lot of characterization going on. People are as flat as tables and nobody really has an outstanding personality. Not even Cris. That being said I did add a star just because the author had the decency to put on the brakes to Cris' love scene and have him go "That'd be wrong!"
You could probably compare this book to Phantasy Star III for the depth of characterization.