Slum Online (Novel)

Slum Online (Novel) - Hiroshi Sakurazaka, 桜坂洋 So imagine a fanfiction about fighting games. OK.. now open your eyes! Yes this is a book that is basically about a dude that somehow gets a girlfriend and treats her like trash, but she sticks with him anyways. That's after you are left wondering how they even hooked up and when they started dating as she's mentioned so little past a part that you see on the cover where she's squeeing for a stuffed animal and of course dudebro gets it for her. Also she's terrible at fighting games of course.

Expect TONS of info dumping about how the fights are going, tons of info about button presses and how generally polygons are rendered. Tetsuo/Etsuro (KANEDA!) also describes real life sounds as "sound FX".
Then in the end it's alluded that Jack's player is a woman and OF COURSE then this whole book turns into a man's quest to best a woman that is super awesome. Like a crap ton of narratives I see out there.

Overall super boring novel about a guy that plays video games online too much.