Tokyo Ghoul : Days

Tokyo Ghoul : Days - Shin Towada, Sui Ishida Going to post this in the beginning but it seems that ViZ cut out some of the character art that was in the book. Found some on the TG wiki.
The author here can't write women to save his life. All of them are somehow evil or simpering.
These stories would have been better if all of them didn't involve some kind of violence on some part. They all could have been slice of life, but no we have to throw in random violence to spice the story up. The last story is just written so bad that some parts don't even make sense. It was also about a guy that spends 5 seconds on screen before he's killed too.

Overall the whole idea that Ghouls are somehow sympathetic characters is killed when the examples of them we have are violent and prone to lash out at everyone. Even Ghouls that kill their own kind and eat them and no other Ghoul steps up to say "Hey maybe that's bad." It's brushed off ass "That's the way things are." So really can't get into the main plot here, sorry, Ghouls need to die for humans to be safe.