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Mars Girls - Mary A. Turzillo

I really wanted to like this book more, but it's starting to pull out the calling everyone 'bitch' and suddenly having Nanoannie tap into her sexual side to react to pheromones just so she can be caught.....yet again. This book kind of feel like a Nano project and the author just ran out of ideas for plot, so the character keep getting caught and tied up and have to get out.

No only that we indeed have the black character with 'hoodoo' that she is using to 'just know things'.


Not only that i kind of lost what was going on in the plot and it seems very disconnected at this point other than a Facer died and now they want to freeze everyone and go back to Earth.


Also I think there might be some pedophilia going on and I think Nanoannie says she's only 14yo and the guys she's getting with are much older.