Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch (Gold Edition)

Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch (Gold Edition) - Ryo Mizuno, Yutaka Izubuchi This really isn't a good story. There's next to no characterization and the kind that is there falls into stereotypes. Deetlit is supposed to hate dwarves, but we are told this and not shown this, and even then only once. We really only get backstory on Parn, because he's the protagonist, even thought this is from a TRPG where there really shouldn't be one protagonist. Woodchuck gets the least amount of lines devoted to him and the fight between Kashue and Beld is frankly the most detailed thing in the book.
We get Ashram in there, from nowhere as he's never remarked on, but suddenly he's been fighting with Parn. Really I think the anime does a bit better job of giving them character.
Oh and Deetlit.. of course falls inta love with Parn for... no real reason at all. I'd say she's just a lamp that uses magic on occasion but really Parn has a whole Rent-A-Room following him.
The translation also needed some QC, the te-u-ra thing I pointed out in my notes as well as Slayn's Philosopher's ROPE getting frayed. Then there's the major problem that an error version was sent to the stores so if you ordered it form Amazon, you'd get one with red ink.