Tokyo Dare (The Sushi Chronicles) - Anne Van

So I'm a proponent of reading something before reviewing it. Let's just say I COULD NOT get though this book on how terrible it was.
The "thanks" in the foreword was a list of Western names, with a "thanks" to the Japanese people for providing "fun. Yes this book IS racist if you were still wondering. The first page has " Ego no hansimasu!" which is gibberish in Japanese, and YES this was supposedly a Japanese person saying this. Notice the space too... yeah, this book had an editor and proofreaders so.. someone was sleeping on the job. Of course it never had a JAPANESE proofreader. Otherwise that gibberish would be corrected so we can understand the person was saying "I don't speak English." Two years in Japan and the author doesn't even know how to say "I don't speak English!" properly, yet she write a whole book set in the country.
Foremost this is a fetishized viewpoint of Japan, this isn't what Japanese is really like. Despite living 2 years in Japan the author seems to have learnt nothing and wants to paint Japan as "Craaaazzy!" (Yay abelism) You should read her blog, she talks about wanting to strangle a woman because she isn't giving the author the information she wants fast enough. Yes, the author wrote that she wanted to strangle another human being because she feels she's entitled to harass a person in Japan about local customs and if they don't answer her fast enough with the information she wants. That is the mindset of the author.
The chapter 1 title of "The Alien Has Landed" is apt to the point of yes the MC is an invader to Japan.

The first thing the MC runs into is the Coke bot vending machine. I hear vending machines like that are a gimmick and you'll probably only see like.. a few around. Anyways, she I guess falls to the ground or something and this guy comes up and doesn't help her. Yeah no, not happening in Japan. Then she opens her water bottle and gets it splashed onto her shirt so the author can write that she's wearing a black lace bra, this is the ONLY time water splashes on her. Some RANDOM person has a video camera to tape her. Yeah, THAT ALSO isn't happening, especially since the next time all of this happens is in McDonald's where she both splashes her drink on her, burps loudly and RANDOM CAMERA MAN!! Oh and Japanese people seem to speak "Janglish".

I should also note they call the counselor "Mr. Shinji." YOU NEVER CALL A SUPERIOR BY THEIR FIRST NAME. Yes, Shinji is a first name.

I tried to finish the book but with the broken pacing and broken characterization (Erin Van -> Anne Van. I see what you did there!) I just really couldn't, I've read other horrible books but this was just unreadable.

This Japan does not exist. This is what a rich entitled white racist viewpoint (self insert power fantasy) Japan looks like. If you really want to know what Japan is like, go read books written by people from Japan and not from someone who spent only 2 years there in an exchange program. However those books would probably be boring and not EXOTIC AND CRRRAAZZZY enough for the people here.