Switched - Amanda Hocking I'm going to preface this review with another Trigger Warning for talk of domestic abuse and rape/apologia.

I thought that Paranormal Romance was a genre targeted at women. However from the sheer amount of misogyny I see in these books I'm beginning to think that it's far from that.

This book takes it about to the extreme as Ethereal does. The constant use of "bitch" to describe all sorts of women, cougar to desribe an older woman going after a younger man and slut shaming! Yay! Misogyny! Most people are going to say "These are just words!" However these people don't know the underlying power structure behind using these words against women.

Speaking of words we have "gypped" in there too. Yay racial slurs! (It comes from the word Gypsy.)

First we have a stalker relationship going on with Finn. I take it most teenage women today assume that stalking equals love. It's sad that these kinds of books want to reinforce that, rather than say "You know what, stalking it's not OK, it's illegal! If he loved me he wouldn't follow me and stare at me all the time or try and sneak into my bedroom!" Yes he does try to sneak up into her bedroom.

"“The desperation was coming off you in waves. You were all but begging to dance with me. I am doing you a favor.”
Hocking, Amanda (2010). Switched (Trylle Trilogy, Book 1) (p. 33). Unknown. Kindle Edition. " -Finn

Yeah, I've seen this exact wording in RAPE APOLOGIA. "You were asking for it!", "You wanted it!", "Your body was begging for it!", "Your clothing said you wanted it!", etc. This is just SICK. It's shows an entire lack of respect for women.

Crazy, I could deal with. Slutty, not so much.
Hocking, Amanda (2010). Switched (Trylle Trilogy, Book 1) (p. 46). Unknown. Kindle Edition. -Wendy

Yeah Ignoring the abelism going on here, let's just slut-shame while were at it. I mean it's not already hard enough that women get "reputations" for talking to the wrong guy and wearing the wrong thing. Now they can't express themselves sexually.

The book also says on numerous occasions that women are the property of men. First in the naming of Wendy, she bacame her brother's property
He named you. You were his.”
Hocking, Amanda (2010). Switched (Trylle Trilogy, Book 1) (p. 51). Unknown. Kindle Edition. -Maggie

Also, Matt getting angry at Finn for thinking he was "defiling" Wendy. Even though she invited him into her room after he was trying to sneak in. Women simply can't know their own minds and need a man to come protect them and know what's good for them!
She also mentions "I would probably get married and change my name anyways." - Wendy (pg 251) What century is Hocking living in anyways. Women don't have to take the man's name any more. Women did that to show they were the property of men. There is no discussion that it's Wendy's decision to change her name. While someone can argue that it would change based on the medieval theme the Trylle have going on, it's not even mentioned that that would be the cause.
"..he [Finn] would never let you ruin your future." - Elora (pg 267)
Yeah that one stands on it's own again about men controlling women. Finn also dominates Wendy in a scene where he does the lean in close and put his hand next to her head. Dear, teens, it's so you can't run away. It's how men control women.

Not only that there's this:
"He whirled on me, grabbing my wrist. He pushed me until my back was against the wall, pinning me there.
Hocking, Amanda (2010). Switched (Trylle Trilogy, Book 1) (p. 271). Unknown. Kindle Edition. "

You call that love?! I call that domestic violence! "Oh it's just so SEXY he's forceful!" Uhm.. NO. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!! That is domestic violence! She didn't ask for it, she doesn't say "Oh please Finn be forceful!" NO! This is rapist behavior! IT. IS. NOT. SEXY! Women if you see this in a guy (and you haven't consented to it at that time, because you might be into that), RUN THE OTHER WAY! Get help, call someone! That is NOT OK behavior! You need to get out of the relationship. It's abuse!

Let's also talk about how this author thinks "Borderline-Anorexia" is "elegant" (pg 61). That can go up there with fat-shaming. Your not pretty unless your damn near dead. So now that you have to watch out who your with, what your doing, what your wearing.. also worry about what your eating!

There are also numerous time Wendy is slapped, hit and beaten by Jen. Ultimately in the end she still need the protection of a man to save her as she is defenseless to do anything. Wendy even admits it.
In the end the best compliment isn't how brave or daring Wendy was but how beautiful she was. Once again a woman's value coming down to her looks, and only her looks.

If this is what Paranormal Romance (More like Paranormal Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault and Rape) is about, I'm not going to ever suggest my nieces read it.