Starfire Angels - Melanie Nilles I'm going to preface this review with a trigger warning for drugging and rape. It's something that needs to be said before someone reads this book and my review and have it bring up horrible memories.

Honestly I wanted to like this book more, but where the author took this book is just... wrong. If you think this book is about Raea, you'd be wrong and that is where most of the fault lies.

Nilles builds Raea up to be a strong character and about 70% into the book.. yeah. So much for that.

We find out that she is drugged and then raped by Pallin. While rape isn't a forbidden subject, the way it's handled here is merely to get ELIS bothered. Depowering not only Raea, but making her an object to further Elis's motivations. As this is the catalyst for him to start the ending of the book. It's Elis that get's mad and doesn't listen to Raea, Elis that goes to the motel and Elis that begins the fight with Pallin. Actually this book is about Elis it seems.

But "OH" you say "She finishes it!" That doesn't make up for the fact that she was rendered a 'damsel in distress', 'Elis's "property" that was soiled that he had to fight the honor of', and even is the 'hostage' at the very end. Because really, Elis going after Pallin like that just makes Raea nothing but property, like he owns her. "I have to hurt Pallin because he did that to MY lover/girlfriend/mate."

Another thing is that these angel people are supposed to be SOOOO technologically advanced, yet they fall into the standard gender dichotomies. Nilles writes "he needed the touch of a female," (dehumanizing language) "just as any man did." That wasn't written from the character's perspective either. Also, some of the "any man" out there that I know of prefer the touch of a another man. So these scifi angel people haven't seemed to advance that far yet either.

Overall the book wasn't written badly, however where the book decided to take itself was into territory that it would have been better off just not going there. It could have easily ended that same way without the things happening at the end that seemed to steer the car off the road into "Don't-Go-Thereville"