Ethereal (Celestra, #1) - Addison Moore First of all I want to say, anyone who has been in an abusive relationship probably might want to skip this book. Parts of it can be triggering (the review might be triggering). It contains men trying to control women through speech and gestures, as well as objectification. It also has implied rape and dehumanization. Also on top of all this a huge topping of abelism!

The men in this book like to violate a woman's bodily automomy on multiple levels and it's shown as being "sexy" and "romantic". It's dangerous is what it is.
This book has zero romance in it. It's all what I like to call "lustmance". Lustmance is when the characters fall in love with each other seemingly instantly and all they do together is make out. Nothing romantic goes on. No little in jokes, no little nice things. Just "I MUST see him" and then sexy time. That's IT. 90% of this book is just them having excuses to make out and the story (what little there is of it) suffers for it.

Also this book is highly misogynistic. It LOVES to have women at each others throats and call them "bitches" all the time. The author even pulls the "I MUST be jealous of other women who are even LOOKING at my man." Not only that on a few occasions the main two guys fight over Skyla as if she were "a stake" a piece of meat. Even the main character is about as stupid as a brick. She does things to seemingly try and get herself killed. She has no backbone and everyone has to save her. Not only all the times women have been called "crazy" in this.

As for controlling, the men like to do this neck grabby thing. Having been near borderline abuse I know that this is the place men grab women to control them, like people pick up cats and kittens. It's disgusting and horrible and not romantic at all. Not to mention Skyla is pinned up against a pool table and a wall on two occasional. All of this is shown to be sexy! When it's just men dominating women. Especially when the main character is talkling about "I don't object. I don't resist." If it was romantic why are you even thinking about resisting and objecting?

As for the implied rape, well that comes in later when she is told that if the bad angels get their hands on her she'll be "bred like a dog in a kennel."

Not to mention this book has tropes out the wazoo. There's the "We won't tell you life saving tips about your special powers" trope, the anime trope of "three hateful female students" and a few more.

With that out of the way, what about the characters?

Considering all the characters were 2D cutouts, really not a whole lot characterization. All of the characters were stereotypes.

The plot?
Honestly it was hard to find the plot in all this. The plot comes in SUPER late into the book, so the hook is lost. Even then you have to actually be searching for it. All the plot twists are transparent. And honestly, I found very little plot. The scenes jump from one to another and all of them are just to get Skyla and Logan together in some way, that's it. Of course when they get together all they do is make out. The rest of events just seem convient. "Oh a party is happening, load up into the car, oh noes stuff is happening!" Nothing is super explained at all.

So we have 2D characters, tropes, and a weak plot that only happens by sudden jumps. Also, I couldn't help but notice the names Chloe and Bar(r)on. Both names are in the anime Sousei no Aquarion, which is of course about angels.