The Book Thief - Trudy White, Markus Zusak It was hard for me to really like this book as it was intended as many of the events were blatantly told in the beginning. I just felt the book was depressing for no reason other than "I am a book about Nazi Germany and they have to be depressing." There was also a point about some of the language used against Liesel by the new gang leader. I felt it didn't add anything to the story and honestly felt that it was the authors own thoughts about women coming out. Especially because Liesel didn't stand up to the words nor react to the words when previous it was shown she could tear a boy to pieces. It was just, there.
I also feel that the book just drags on and on about pointless things and often repeats much of the angst. Kind of like Frank Miller: "It was tragic, horribly tragic in the most tragic way. It was tragic." I was thinking 'I get that. I know that.' He might have just blatantly written "I'm being sad and depressing here because this is a horrible thing." I get that after the third time it was presented, I don't need to have it described to me three more times. To me that feels like the author was setting up fake pathos for the characters and really it didn't make me want to care about any of them knowing what their fate was going to be.