The Handmaid's Tale - Margaret Atwood Overall the writing was dry in spots and seemed to ramble about stuff that didn't seem relevant to the plot and mostly to fill space. That's why it took so long to finish.

I hated how the main character embraced objectifying herself just to have a bit more freedom. Also I disagree completely when she said "It wasn't rape, I had a choice." It was a choice between sexual slavery, sexual slavery and death. That's not a choice and is coercive and thus doesn't allow for consent. Not being able to consent equals rape. Also I didn't like how she equated love with sex + touching. There's a lot more to love that just being able to touch another person.

Also, though there were laws to keep men from sexually harassing women, they still did it anyways behind closed doors. Even Nick does it. The sad thing is that Offred seems to welcomeit in cases (mostly the checkpoints). What I didn't get was the part with the Guardian that was said he raped a handmaiden (so the handmaidens would attack him). It was stated much earlier that it was a woman's fault for being raped. Wouldn't they handle the situation differently. Harshly punish him, but it "wasn't his fault." (Yes I know he was set up, so he'd die.) That just seemed out of place. The women were being conditioned to think it was their fault, yet here it is that it's presented that it's NOT their fault.

Moira seemed to be a bit out of character. She's a lesbian, however she chose a job in which she had to have sex with men. She states "It's a butch's paradise", but I can't think of someone doing that kind of job when it goes against their being.

I also hate that the fact race was barely touched upon. I think one Martha was mentioned having brown skin, otherwise it was left into the "Historical Notes" to simply mention the birthrates of Caucasians to non-Caucasians were vastly different. Offred doesn't mention ANYTHING. Also, fat hatred is only touched on once in the Jezebel den, where if you were "too fat" they starved you.

I agree with KBot though. The husband was like "Yeah whatever" when her bank account was frozen. He didn't say "I'll look into it." or "Let's protest". Even Nick just seemed to be a cardboard cutout.

I also felt the way the Gildeans took over was unbelievable. That they ran in killed congress and BAM they are the ones controlling things now. That's not how it works. Especially when they "suspended the constitution" that should have caused rioting in the streets, at least a tiny bit. If congress was gone, there's still the House and Senate and I'm sure there's people that can take over the dead people's jobs. It would have been more believable if Congress/House/Senate/President was in on it, as they are doing now. I also know there are religious groups creating armies, the Quiverfulls and Joel's Army that took over the Salvation Army. It just felt that it was too sloppy and not a lot of thought was put into how a religious order could take over.

The worst of it though was the "Historical Notes", even in the year 2195 a woman's words are put up to skepticism and doubt. That was the sad part.