Spice & Wolf, Vol. 6 - Isuna Hasekura, Keito Koume, Juu Ayakura, Paul Starr

So I almost have ONE of these yaoi novels down.. only like..6 more to go.... UUUUGGGgghhhhhh

I started reading yaoi because it seems the ONLY novels targeted at women that any of the manga publishers will bring over, and even them only DMP seems to be doing it.

The rest of the publishers are bringing over male power fantasy porn novels like 'Accel World' (I'm a geek gamer loser and I get the hawt girl through playing this game), 'Date a Live' (I'm humans last hope and all the women are idealized male fantasies I must 'conquer' with love), and 'Sword Art Online' (See Accel World only I'm in this game and have to save the girl). OK two of those are by the same author, but even 'Spice and Wolf' has that Manic Pixie Goddess Dream Girl vibe to it.


UGH... Why does the world hate women so much.