Gentle Cage: Warrrghhhh

Gentle Cage - You Shiizaki, Kumiko Sasaki, Bianca Jarvis

This book was just a pile of rape, except for the end.


A lot of this book was telling and not showing, that being said Itsuki really didn't do much in the novel at all. It was always "Tokiwa this" and "Tokiwa that". Being a yaoi novel it seems to follow the par for the course of having a high amount of rape. Itsuki never consents to anything, even at the end where it just seems he has because the author has informed us that he was liking it or something.


Also the story just felt.. boring. No real character development. Hell one character doesn't even get a name and is simply 'hairdresser'. It's just, guy goes to old BF place and gets disabled there and has to stay there (broken legs). Gets raped repeatedly, boss dies and then he gets to be with rapist forever. The end... and they were artists the whole time!


Ultimately Itsuki is never free, and is caged by Tokiwa. BUT 'well he's free to do what he wants right?' Yeah OK