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Cardfight!! Vanguard, Volume 5

Cardfight!! Vanguard, Volume 5 - Akira Itou We get to see a naked Aichi which is good, but it the typical you see nothing that most guys are rendered as, opposed to the "You get to see every line and curve" girls and women are rendered as.

This one was the typical Psy-Qualia finisher battle. Typical shounen faire where guys can't like each other unless they are fighting each other. Such violent beasts.

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Into the Dim - Janet B. Taylor

This book would be so much better without the casual misogyny just tossed into the middle of it. It really also wants to be feminist, but it's this weak kind of feminism that thinks everything is already equal.


At least the MC at the moment seems to be doing things and not just following Collum along.

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Into the Dim - Janet B. Taylor

Celia of course talks sensually and with a Spanish accent.

I forget if she's from South America or Spain, but I remember she wasn't white?

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Into the Dim - Janet B. Taylor

We have the whole Collum is the nasty alpha that the MC always seems to be weak around, countered with the enemy with the black hair and the cool eyes. Who actually seems to be a decent guy over all. He play it up like he's going to hurt Hope to get a guard to leave then he's Mr. Nice but "You have to save yourself."

Hope's mom is being raped and tortured via Babcock by Celia who is "The woman scorned".


Oh there's a Jewish girl... I think she's there to add "D I V E R S I T Y" and make Hope a "Christian white savior"

Also Phoebe cheats on Doug, because she's always had a fantasy. I guess it's good the book hasn't stooped to calling her a slutwhorejezebel yet. Maybe it's got a bit of decency to it.


Also there's an evil priest Thomas Becket of Canterbury. The book is almost saying "This is the TRUE misogyny here! Pay no attention to the way I slut shamed the cheerleaders and all that nonsense!"


Still no gays,bis, or lesbians

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Into the Dim - Janet B. Taylor

So we have Rachel who is Jewish so the Author is tossing in some anti-semitism for flavor now too. And I bet she has the Nonius Stone from the description.


She's probably going to end up with the "boy next door" Christian soldier Captain guy.


Also if Rachel WAS delivering medicine for the queen SHE'D HAVE A FUCKING ESCORT! and not get sexually assaulted in an alley.

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Into the Dim - Janet B. Taylor

GREAT! In comes the whole rape threats because medieval times...


I mean I kinda got the whiff that this "didn't do the research" but now I really know this book didn't do the research and is trying to be like GoT or even that Outlander series or whatever. (I hear that one's pretty bad too.)


I guess she's not going to put in a ton of rape or too much of it because YA? Or is this the point we laugh.

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The Irregular at Magic High School, Vol. 1: Enrollment Arc, Part I - Tsutomu Satou

So this book sexualizes the littler sister and "onii-sama"'s gaze upon his own sister. I kinda knew going in that the brother was in love with his sister, but this is all kinds of gross. Also because this is HIGH SCHOOL, we are sexualizing a girl.

Pandora Hearts: Vol 5

Pandora Hearts: Vol 5 - Jun Mochizuki So we spend the entire book getting out of Chesire Cat's dimension only to actually have the characters TELL US what all the confusing stuff is about. I mean is it just me or does Black Butler do a good job of not having a ton of stuff going on that you understand it, VS THIS which has 4 families, all of them that hate each other or such and that the names are important and stuff happened 100 years ago and it's just a confusing mess that keeps pushing new characters THAT LOOK ALIKE at you. THEN doesn't even really go on to explain anything... until the end.

Sunbolt (The Sunbolt Chronicles) (Volume 1)

Sunbolt (The Sunbolt Chronicles) (Volume 1) - Intisar Khanani Wow this seemingly self-pub book was actually better than bad (it's good!).

It's not without problems, some I've mentioned in my musings. Namely how Hitomi is described.
It's got it's tropes, (looks 25, black hair... violet eyes!). Note however that there isn't any romance in this book. There are maybe hints of it, but overall Hitomi refeshingly doesn't pick up a dude.

HOWEVER, it seems she needs a dudes help to get out of a few of her battles, namely after Kol catches her, namely Val.
Which is something I hated about the book.
"Oh we are running awa-- NOPE captured!"
"OK this time FOR REALS runni-- NOPE!"
"Alright third times a charm righ-- NO!"
Though after the last time she basically depowers herself down to level 1. WHICH IS REALLY ANNOYING since it was really great until that point and then BAM. I mean dudes in their book maybe have a setback, but are rarely depowered. They just train up to the next Super Saiyan level or something. Or even they are so awesome they just win every fight as if they had godmode set to ON.
Still though, it was a refreshing break away from the dreck I've seen lately in YA and other books with female heroes.

Black Butler, Vol. 05

Black Butler, Vol. 05  - Yana Toboso This is the conclusion of the Curry Cooking fight. Which actually ends in a tie, until the Queen shows up and just gives it to Sebastian. All of this followed by Soma going "It took the English to show us our heritage!" Mind you Soma and Agni are supposed to be Indian. Soma being a prince and Agni being his bodyguard or such.

I mean this is of course littered with "be a good Indian and support the English" because the mangaka has done the research BUT.. still this is a pretty shit episode. I mean it even leaves out that Agni is supposed to win because the Indians eat with their fingers and Sebatian won by making curry bread "that anyone can eat". So it's like =____ =

Psychic Power Nanaki, Volume 3

Psychic Power Nanaki, Volume 3 - Ryo Saenagi Over all the final volume doesn't bring a close to any of the plot threads that have been introduced and only really sought to just say "Ao is totally one of those 80s espers that looks 16 and live forever maybe." That's it. After that there's a story called Divine that is just random nonsense. Even the manga-ka says this. However at least even the Manga-ka admits that Japanese men are all Lolicons going so far to even have one of the otaku characters want to see the panties of a little girl.
How true to life. *looks over at the piles of light novels with sexualized girls* Even so this manga was form back about a decade too.

Overall the conclusion was kinda crap, but I take it the manga ran out of popularity. Tokyopop's declined translations didn't help the story any either.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 1: Dawn

Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Vol. 1: Dawn - Daniel Huddleston, Yoshiki Tanaka The rating here is for the TRANSLATION as I read a fan translation of the novel before.
For that review go here.

However ViZ/Haikasoru decided to treat us all like we are kids and give it the "Let's modernize old sci-fi and make it modern cuz people r dum!" or something.
I'm sure the people reading this book all know that it was written in the 80s and that the anime is from the 80s, so changing the fact that Julian was reading republished books to "e-copies" is kind of a slap in the face to our intelligence. They don't even stay consistent with the changes as 3D television was changed to... something else, however later in the book we are back to 3D displays.
Also suddenly we have to VERY SPECIFICALLY point out that the gunners are using touch screens? That was not in the original and I can only think the "e-gram"toward the end of the book is another 'vizlation'. (My fan version cuts off after chapter 7)

Let me also get it out of the way that the UC (Universal Calendar) was changed to SE (Space Era). There is no explanation to why ViZ did it that way. I can only think because of Gundam. However I think I will just go with. "Because ViZ like to change and censor things and this is REALLY apparent in their manga." I am hoping the wiki sites out there will keep the "UC" as that is used in the original novels, the anime and the gaidens and make some note how ViZ is being silly.

Still to modernize a book written in the 80s reeks of treating us like children in how Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys are rewritten for then to all have cell phones and such.

Also they seem to like to use big words for no reason other than Sci-Fi likes to use big words for no reason.
Also++ they seem hooked on the word "countenance" when talking about people's face like DMP does in their Vampire Hunter D [bc:Vampire Hunter D|16599|Vampire Hunter D|Hideyuki Kikuchi||18277] books.

Overall though the translation doesn't seem to meander from what is written. Nor does it seem to add flavor text like I hear some of TokyoPops stuff does. So I'll give them credit for not horribly mucking it up. Just if you are going to read it. Realize that it has been modernized "for the kids, yo".

Kenshin no Keishousha Volume 1

Kenshin no Keishousha Volume 1 - Kagami Yuu, Mikeō This book deserves a negative score. I only got to about 25% before I had to quit. THe piles of misogyny, sexual assault, humiliated in defeat and sexualization in defeat of the female characters is just extremely gross.
The simple fact that that the author doesn't respect women at all is very pervasive here. The idea that a man is entitled to a woman's body and that he has a right to do anything to it and she should be somehow grateful for it.
Really there was some interesting plot going on here but the gross sexual assaults and overt misogyny just completely ruins it.

Ojamajo Doremi 16

Ojamajo Doremi 16 - Midori Kuriyama, Yoshihiko Umakoshi The first 60% of this book is kids fare.
The Witch Apprentices getting back together and updating themselves on what's going on. The last 30% of the book is where all the action is where they start solving things.
This book is beast read after I think Doremi # where you have all the gangs introduced. However it wasn't that hard to follow if you didn't
The translator did a nice job too, adding in snippets for who's talking as apparently you infer who's talking by how they speak, which doesn't translate well into English. The translation however might offend people who like a localized translation with the Japanese culture complete strained out, and the text so liberal it rewrites the plot, as this text is a bit rough around the edges, but I like it.

Overall it's a good book for those that are a fan of the series. As most shoujo plots go, nothing super earth shattering happens and the plots are either magicked into success or everything is solved by talking it out.

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 1

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 1 - QuinRose, Beni Axia Conrad, Soumei Hoshino Re-reading the Yen press Omnibus edition really reiterates the idea that women are supposed to like men that won't take no for an answer and that's.... just messed up. You can argue that the whole world Alice is in is messed up as well, but considering this is based on an otome game :x It's really sending a fucked up message.

Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, Vol. 1

Quantum Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner, Vol. 1 - Yu Godai, Kevin Frane I gave this book an extra star as it seems to deviate from the game and doesn't kill off it's women like the game.

So to set this up, Godai Yu actually was working on the game script as well as the novel in Tokyo, but had to quit due to being sick and unable to adjust to Tokyo life. So ATLUS then took what she gave them and ran with it.

However she did write this and it's pretty bad with it's female characters. All of them are shown to be weak in some way, Sera literally so. All are sexualized in some way. Sera is the fragile deer that needs and Onii-san to support her, Argilla has a slit up the side of her skirt (in battle?), Jinana is just stated outright. So it fails on that front. Argilla has an added bonus of having her atma have boob mouths... I am not joking. I have seen Sera's atma and it's a pink feminized version of Varuna. Gross.

Now the story? Knowing what the ultimate 'gotcha' is for it, the setup of the plot pretty much screams what the twist is. I mean if you can't read it in the title of the game. That being said the rest of the story is pretty much "blood and gore everywhere. Entrails. Fighting. More blood. Fighting. Rinse. Repeat. " oh and I almost forgot "Transformed into their atma. Transformed out of their atma." There. That's the rest of the story. "Drank blood, goes a bit out of control, regains control, etc." Nothing else happens.

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