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Mars Girls
Mary Turzillo
The Hundredth Queen
Emily R. King
The Other Side of Life (Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy)
Jess C. Scott
A Dark and Stormy Murder
Julia Buckley
Star Darlings Collection Volume 1: Sage and the Journey to Wishworld; Libby and the Class Election; Leona's Unlucky Mission
Shana Muldoon Zappa, Ahmet Zappa
Lizzie Newton: Victorian Mysteries Vol. 1
Kiha Lee, Hey-Jin Jeon
Izanami's Choice
Adam Heine
The Violet Knight
Charis Messier, Ako Tenma, Yohna
Last Dragon
J.M. McDermott
The Betrayal Knows My Name, Volume 1
Hotaru Odagiri