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Kyo Kara MA no Tsuku Jiyuugyou! - 今日からマのつく自由業!
Tomo Takabayashi
Song of Blood & Stone
Penelope Lively
Oz, the Complete Collection, Volume 1: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz/The Marvelous Land of Oz/Ozma of Oz
L. Frank Baum
Progress: 188/573 pages
新世界より [Shinsekai Yori]
貴志 祐介, Yusuke Kishi
Progress: 20/953 pages
Deadly Décisions
Kathy Reichs
Progress: 100/368 pages
The Chanur Saga
C.J. Cherryh
Progress: 228/704 pages
A Confederation of Valor
Tanya Huff
Charles de Lint
Progress: 100/447 pages