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Reading progress update: I've read 70 out of 256 pages.

So I'm a Spider, So What?, Vol. 1 (light novel) (So I'm a Spider, So What? (light novel)) - Okina Baba

SoI was excited for this beek because I thought it was going to be shoujo. Yen Press bringing this over should be a clue since they only bring over brotaku shit.

First of all it inject a male POV character that has ALL the skills and divine protection, where as we only have our spider at level 1 and barely any skills. This is the part where if the POV was female they'd rant about how "mary sue" she is. But not, it's a fucking male so they won't which is also why I'm pretty sure this book was written by a dude. The point that the Earth Hatchling is female and needs a "pretty" name over a bad ass one. The jealous little sister, and the fact that Earth Dragons can become nagini! This is setting up to become a Monster Musume book real quick. I've seen some of the art looking for that cover and it DOES seem that our hero spider becomes a big breasted drider along with other big breasted driders. Toss in our POV male PRINCE character and there you go.

Could Have Been Better

Another - Yukito Ayatsuji, Karen McGillicuddy

This story ends how pretty much every Japanese horror seems to end, with a man killing a woman.

It also has the trope of "Let the Man Do It". Of course when a woman is ready to end the horror, Mr. Brotag has to step up and do it because it would simply be too much for a woman to take.


Overall the mystery is pretty nice, since you are spending time trying to figure out "who the "another"" is.

As for Mei she's of course hte "damaged meek" girl that brotaku go "moe" over. You can see it in plenty of anime and books of the girl with the patch over her eye.

She really doesn't offer much to the book other than being mysterious for no real reason and more or less being a deus ex machina right at the end.


The book also seems to drag, past the deaths going on, nothing much seems to really happen and a good chunk could be taken out to speed up the plot.

Reading progress update: I've read 422 out of 491 pages.

Another - Yukito Ayatsuji, Karen McGillicuddy

So the mom had a stillbirth that made her unable to have any more children? Dude wrote this?

I mean I'm reading that yeah temporary infertility can happen but permanent? It just sounds like the author pulled something out of his ass because "women so mysterious!11" added to the fact that Japan has some of the BEST maternity care in the world and this just sounds fucking hokey.


Phantom Dream, Volume 2 - Natsuki Takaya

This is one of those manga you have to read in succession because they dump a lot of character names and history on you and you'll just be confused if you've put the book down for a few months/years.


This seems the typical plot of having both bloods and being torn and not wanting to fight his friend Eiji and all that jazz.

Reading progress update: I've read 115 out of 208 pages.

Phantom Dream, Volume 2 - Natsuki Takaya

This is another confusing mess of names and titles and everybody looking the same. I can't remember what happened in the last book and there is no recap in this one sooo.... :x


Broken Angels, Volume 3 - Setsuri Tsuzuki

This series is seriously not good.


The first story is about how this girl was raped and thus can't have a normal relationship and is made out to be a villain for it.

The second one is about how a girl wants someone else to play the part of the swamp god other than Temari. Insert comments about "girls dressing like boys" and some "predatory lesbian" and you have this second story.

The Clockmaker's Personal Servant

Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Clockmaker's Story - QuinRose, Mamenosuke Fujimaru, Angela Liu

I wanted to like this more because of Julius. However it seems that Alice is only a maid and a servant to him in the relationship.

There is also a part about how "men will be men" even in her dreamworld and will try to rape women or some shit.

It really killed any kind of feeling I had for any of the characters.

Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 200 pages.

Broken Angels, Volume 3 - Setsuri Tsuzuki

More TRIGGER WARNING: Rape plot part 2



Sooo... the character is basically made out to be a bitch through treating Hiro "badly" or that's what we are supposed to think, that's what the author wants us to think. However it reads to me that she's been hurt since she was 10 and has this "push/pull" going on with Hiro. She thinks she's too "dirty" for him and at the same time only wants him around her. He is quiet however and everyone thinks he should dump her.


THe resolution is that he saves her from one of her tricks who wanted to stab her with scissors and loses? an eye. He then goes and tells her how much he loves her after she pretty much tells him to leave her alone. End scene wither her having him paint her nails, and we are supposed to think she's still a bitch or something.


UUUGGHHhhh..... time to see what the next story is about.

Anyone want these books after I'm done reading them, else they are going to the library.

Reading progress update: I've read 76 out of 200 pages.

Broken Angels, Volume 3 - Setsuri Tsuzuki

TRIGGER WARNING: This manga has a "nice" rape plot for one of the characters. Talk of rape and violence.




So the big story that starts this manga is a girl that was raped when she was around 10, so now she feel dirty. Now that she feels dirty and broken she's going around having sex with random men and it's just a mess.

The book is also trying to make her out to be 'a bitch' and Kureha? dumps a bowl of hot ramen over her head and it's seen as perfectly OK.

=_ =

Reading progress update: I've read 45%.

Tess of the Road - Rachel Hartman

More on the road and more backstory.

Reading progress update: I've read 285 out of 491 pages.

Another - Yukito Ayatsuji, Karen McGillicuddy

Singular THEY exists people! Also default male is bullshit.

Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

Alice in the Country of Hearts: The Clockmaker's Story - QuinRose, Mamenosuke Fujimaru, Angela Liu

So this book just suddenly liked to state that "Men are still Men" in this dream, meaning they have "urges". Basically this is Alice's dream yet all the men are uncontrollable monsters. Including Julius who seems to be not interested in romance or love. It's a pile of bullshit.

Alice Love Fables: Toy Box - Mamenosuke Fujimaru, QuinRose

This was a collection of short manga stories from the various QuinRose properties. Kind of a vignette of each of the worlds.

Reading progress update: I've read 261 out of 491 pages.

Another - Yukito Ayatsuji, Karen McGillicuddy

I'm putting money on either Misaki or Sakakibara being "The Casualty", maybe both.

Reading progress update: I've read 34%.

Tess of the Road - Rachel Hartman

So we get a lot of backstory about Pathka and the Quigtl which is nice to have and bit more about Tess's childhood.

Too much Jargon plus a rape plot.

Mars Girls - Mary A. Turzillo

I got this book from Apex via their Apex Minions program in trade for an honest review

Diversity: Kapera is black as is her parents. There are a few side character that are Asian? Maybe. It's hard to tell their true culture as the author seems to have mashed this culture with that culture.

The first thing that put me off to this book is the piles of jargon they dump on you. We have hab-rat, mears, cuys, kweez and a ton others. While there is some explanation for some of them, you forget it by the time the next one has come up.

Another thing that majorly put me off was the rape part later on in the book. It's basically "we have to rape you to repopulate stuff". This is due to the Facer religion who have "face bindis" on their heads. Not sure if it's cultural appropriation however it made me face palm. A face bindi is a tiny face on the head that usually shows the true emotions of the wearer.
So these Facers basically want to go back to Earth and start some colony or something, I was confused about where they were going but it was going to take 100 years to get there.

So of course Nanoannie, one of our heroes, has to be forcibly married to someone so he can rape her and she can get pregnant. Fortunately she's married to a guy that doesn't have an interest in her as she has no interest in him. However it implies both with the men leering at the unwilling women in the church and later with just mentioning the other women, that they are raped.
I should mention that Nanoannie is around 14 years old. Yeah.

Next is Kapera. She has leukemia so a good portion of the book she is unconscious. The only black character with a major speaking part is devoiced for a good portion of the book. I rally can't recall why she's important to the book other than having a micro disc and her relationship to her parents who are the research scientists.
She's also not "African" but the jargon term "Kiafrican" which is not explained how that came about.

Overall I'm not really sure what the major plot is as the duo is kidnapped and escapes capture many times.  It really isn't until the middle of the book the plot seems to appear. Given the many names and corporation name drops it's really hard to follow who is with who.

What really killed any final interest in this is when Nanoannie has Kapera wrist-com and types out in bad phoneticish words. It was hard to read, and with the "hic" when she has hiccups in the cuy ball every line,I just stopped caring.

It doesn't really strongly establish it's characters from the start so trying to remember what's going on is hard. It also like to borrow and mash up different cultures and has a good portion that is a rape plot.

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