Only the Ring Finger Knows: The Lonely Ring Finger - Hotaru Odagiri, Satoru Kannagi

While this book is under the "yaoi novel" label, it's not a yaoi novel and will disappoint people looking for one. It's a true 'shounen ai' novel, complete with fluffiness and only in the very end of the book do they have sex, and you don't even get descriptive sex.


Overall this was a good book, the MC, Wataru wasn't a doormat and actually talked back to Yuichi. The story itself was fluffy, where Yuichi has a crush on Wataru and gets a copy of Wataru's ring (stalker?) and then Wataru finds out by accident and from there they discover the love for each other.


There were parts that seemed to be disjointed, like when they are apart because of Yuichi's studying, but overall a good book.


Parts I didn't like was Miho, she didn't seem to provide any further plot and was a rather bad stereotype of the 'jealous woman!' who gets jilted in BL novels.