I saw this coming a mile away.

Psycho Busters: The Novel     Book One - Yuya Aoki

Yeah, I agree with the author, he sure did make this novel sound and feel like a manga... One of those ecchi kind of male wish fulfillment manga where we reveal that these people are ELITES of some type BUT WAIT!! The MC of course have to be SUPER DEE SUPER ELITE!! Also he's hinted at being a reincarnation of Jesus Christ... I shit you not. I don't know if it's a translation thing where it's supposed to be Buddha or what and Del Rey decided we couldn't relate, OR that really the author was going for Jesus. Considering Del Rey is pretty good about this.... I say it was Jesus.

So of course you have the casual gender essentialist misogyny going on: Girls being weaker, women getting themselves into situations where they are SUPPOSED to be bad ass but.. nope not this time for some shitty reason. Also the MC is a creepster that reads porn and calls Ayano 'childlike' when she sleeps and wants to stare at her...