What ESPers were transferred?

The Esper Transfer - Geo. W. Proctor

So you spend 99% of the book following Greybar and his chase for Kraal, only to have a deux ex machina ending making the whole thing pretty much pointless.
This story is basically a white savior story, however it wasn't Greybar, but someone from a long time ago. So, basically the Talirians are pretty much now under the rule of the empire thanks to Past White Dude, and it's just better to go along with the Empire than to try and push back. Basically telling colonized people to just join with their colonizers and then work from within, DESPITE this book basically showing the reason WHY THAT DOESN'T WORK. Its the reason Kraal is on the run in the first place.
Lest to say women in this book are only described sexually, and Mary with male baby are only there as a plot device to show that Kraal isn't a terrible horrible murderer, so Greybar can choose to not shoot him. Mind you the baby is male, for no other reason than sexism, because I guess a daughter wouldn't do. Also Mary is described a frail and delicate (barf).
Lest to say the ending is a super huge info dump of stuff that is barely hinted at and doesn't really resolve the conflict between Greybar and Kraal at all other than to say "Oh ho ho, don't worry about all that stuff. Thus rendering the whole book pointless in the first place.
So about the espers? Yeah that's not really explored much at all other than, "yes dulire are espers." and thy have a oneness and stuff. Not the stuff I was looking for.
I have no idea what the title means really. Espers transferred where?
If you are wondering about the cover art, it's Kraal on a thacatti, who he's fighting, I have no idea as that never happens in the book. The dulire don't have wings and no one is ever mentioned at having wings.