RahXephon - The Novel, Volume 1

RahXephon - The Novel, Volume 1 - Hiroshi Ohnogi This book would have been a LOT better if it wasn't written in the first person, meaning we jump around to lots of characters, all of which aren't in the intro, and if we didn't get Ayato's sexual thoughts on women. Where in one scene he's going to sexually assault a sleeping woman, then tells her sister that "He'd never do that." Yeah OK Mr. Rapist wannabe.
The story itself is... OK. It tries to be mystery sci-fi, but there isn't mystery as we see the bad guys side and them attacking is all to toughen Ayato up... I mean really. Just tell him what's up and let's solve this thing.

THEN there's the editing. My copy says it's a first edition..... I'm wondering if it was an editor's edition because it had numerous misspellings, character switchings and that [Insert Picture from Page 275 Here] like.. super random. I really wonder if I got the whole novel. I mean fan translations were better than this.