Crest of the Stars 1: Princess of the Empire

Crest of the Stars 1: Princess of the Empire - Hiroyuki Morioka

If you've seen the anime, then this only fills in some tiny gaps with regard to history and some other things the characters were thinking of.
Overall the story is good. I don't quite like how we need a male vessel to tour the story with, but Lafiel is strong in her own right and Jinto just looks like an ass.
Honestly I don't see how this is really "Space Opera" as it really only focuses on a small group of people, and to me a Space Opera, like a Soap Opera, focuses on groups of people.
This book only covers up to about the middle of the Lyuf Klowal part, around episode 6~7.

The only thing I find majorly wrong with this book is the use of Baronh all the time. It's like that one image:

Only the TL note is brief and then you have to glossary hop.