Falling Kingdoms - Morgan Rhodes, Michelle Rowen

So this book came up in a "Books like Red Queen" shelf. So I decided to see if any were as bad or better than Red Queen.


Compared to Red Queen this book is WAY BETTER. Doesn't have the misogyny of Red Queen and certainly the world characters are better written.


Now about the book itself. Considering everything is LimerOS, AuranOS, WesterO-- wait that last one isn't in this book. Yeah, basically this is trying to be Game of Thrones Lite or something. Without all the rape rape rape. I'm not certain if it does or not because Game of Thrones should disappear forever so I'll never read it.

Lest to say the map is dull, 3 kingdoms stacked on top of each other. One king is EVIL, one is... a drunkard? We Really don't get to learn too much about him other than his daughter is an exotic snake dancer because EXOTIC. Only what she's doing isn't so exotic. And she (I think) is dark skinned, but so is Jonas and probably most of the other Paelsians. aaand TRAGIC GOOD? KING.

Really this book tries to set itself up for greatness only it feels like the entire book is buildup with no real resolution.

The female characters are kinda flat and weak of course. The men are.. evil. The other characters are too enigmatic to really care about so you forget they exist until they have their one page exposition.

Overall this is not a book I like. I don't like all the killing and the death... there's a lot of dying in here for named characters. I wanted to get into the fantasy magical side of the book, but this is more about how the kings are going to kill each other off. It was just boring and didn't seem to spend enough time on the character that matter than the characters that were just an engine to move the characters we really wanted to care about.