Jyu-Oh-SEI Volume 3

Jyu-Oh-SEI Volume 3 - Natsumi Itsuki This books continues the line of misogyny it's set out, this time killing all the women with it. The author states in the back that she set out to kill all the major characters... because... of some crappy literary reason. Really if you can find a way to let your characters live, then you are a bad writer.
Yes some characters have to die, but only if there is no other way. This is what makes their death such an impact is that you KNOW they had to die. She just sets out to slaughter her characters and in the most shit filled fashion too.

Also the climax of the book isn't anything special either. It's the typical "We can't go back to Earth" set up. Ultimately in the end women are still regulated to baby factories and men are still the "ones on Top".