Reading progress update: I've read 76 out of 192 pages.

Rhysmyth: Volume 2 - Lincy Chan, Anthony Andora

this book feels a lot more rushed and... cheaper than the first book. there are a number of panty shots, not the ecchi style where it's like "whoah" with the wind but just a camera and short skirts. would think since this sports has you flipping around and stuff that you'd either wear some kind of leoptard or not wear skirts at all. That being said, this is a typical literal round combat narritive that they'd stick in a shounen anime. Not really one for good character building. Taylor even has a super quick moment of "Is this how i treat people?" and that's it. it feels forced and obvious. 

Overall the art so far has not been of a higher quality that you'd see on a published work form Tokyopop.I am thinking that htey rushed this out hte door as Ithink this came at the end of TP's lifespan. What sucks is that I know that TP owns the rights to this work.