Return of terrible tropes

Broken Angels, Volume 2 - Setsuri Tsuzui, Setsuri Tsuzuki

So with this book we have the return of the predatory lesbian trope as well as the "gay men are crazy" AS WELL as the "bury your gays".

Really this one just felt forced, we have what we assume to be a man that was just really in love with his wife, so when she killed herself he got a bit obsessed. However it turns out he love Sakura his assistant and he murdered his wife. Where then he kills himself. In the middle of all this are some dolls added for a supernatural element.

We also have a story where Sunao plays the part of an angel to force two people to get together. It's not a very good story.

The final story is a one shot original where a girl has to battle some youkai. It's honestly a more compelling story than what is going on with the rest of the plot.