Reading progress update: I've read 100 out of 200 pages.

Broken Angels, Volume 3 - Setsuri Tsuzuki

More TRIGGER WARNING: Rape plot part 2



Sooo... the character is basically made out to be a bitch through treating Hiro "badly" or that's what we are supposed to think, that's what the author wants us to think. However it reads to me that she's been hurt since she was 10 and has this "push/pull" going on with Hiro. She thinks she's too "dirty" for him and at the same time only wants him around her. He is quiet however and everyone thinks he should dump her.


THe resolution is that he saves her from one of her tricks who wanted to stab her with scissors and loses? an eye. He then goes and tells her how much he loves her after she pretty much tells him to leave her alone. End scene wither her having him paint her nails, and we are supposed to think she's still a bitch or something.


UUUGGHHhhh..... time to see what the next story is about.

Anyone want these books after I'm done reading them, else they are going to the library.