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Wings - Aprilynne Pike

Blue eyes and olive skin that make him...exotic!
And of course she has to have naturally straight teeth. I can see where this book is headed already.
And the MC is vegan. This is going to be F U N
Can vegans drink sprite?
A perfect white girl, just like me and not like all those other girls.
I find it interesting in anime at least that most of the male characters are "average school kid" where girls have to have something special about them. Like they can see ghosts and such. I think it's the same kind of trend I see here where the girls have to be "not like other girls" where the boys get to be average and win everything.
So it seems she's not vegan by choice and that she might have some kind of agoraphobia.


She also doesn't have a period either. I mean it's because she's a "special baby" from another world, but c'mon. Let her suffer like the rest of us. Then agian if this is escapist fantasy I suppose not having a period is part of that. That being said, she should probably lay eggs or have a pouch.


She also seems to be into "David" our exotic guy so that's a plus. However writing numbers down on your palm is a bad idea. You sweat and those numbers will smear.