Seraph of the End (Novels) - Review

Seraph of the End: Guren Ichinose's Catastrophe at 16 Omnibus (2-in-1 Edition), Vol.1 - Yamato Yamamoto, Takaya Kagami

So I was hoping this book and the series as a whole would be more like Trinity Blood.

It's not, so so very much isn't.

We have a shitty male as the hero that treats everyone like garbage who only cares about power. All the women in this book are treated as sexual objects for the reader as Guren himself "doesn't have time for a relationship" so he treats them like trash.

Many time the women are said to be intelligent and skilled, however at NO time does any of the women ever beat a male. Besides the Mito fight does no women ever have a chance to show how super awesome and skilled she really is. SHe's always needing saving or being one upped by some shitty male. Sayuri for example is severely beaten and has her clothing ripped open for the titillation of male reader. She's Guren bodyguard and needs to be stronger than him. Of course she absolutely never gets to show her skills at all. Shigure barely does, and she only managed to scratch Mito's cheek.

Really I don't get why if the women are so shitty why they continue to be allowed into the school, where only the best get to graduate. It's shitty world building where you let your misogyny overrule any kind of realism in your story to where saying that women actually graduate when none of them can even beat a male. Only males would graduate in the end.

It makes no sense and honestly makes the book unreadable. It's about a shitty boy who wants revenge any way he can take it that treats everyone like crap and is rewarded for it.


THere's also the Lord and Master shit going on because Vertical is afraid to use -dono/-sama