Crescent Moon, Vol. 1

Crescent Moon, Vol. 1 - Haruko Iida The artwork seems to be a confusing mess and it looks like it wasn't cleaned up well. I'm wondering if this is just a TokyoPop thing or what. The beginning is confusing, but it pans out by the end of the book. One of those "Weird poem/song lyrics that make no sense because you haven't been introduced to anything couples with visuals that don't go along with it, with a bad translation of what's going on."

The overall story of volume one is pretty weak as volume 1s go. We have Mitsuru that wants to kill our MC (he's the main romance option here) because he had a messed up childhood and that's pretty much what happens in every chapter. Mahiru somehow touches Mitsuru and he turns into a tengu and the rest of the posse has to restrain him. I don't get why this is such a big thing for the first volume as it's resolved by the end. It's something that can simmer for all the volumes.
The overall story is alright though. Legendary monsters are real and are dying off and need Mahiru's help and there was a promise long ago and it didn't pan out and people are angry today about it.