Young Miss Holmes, Casebook 1-2

Young Miss Holmes, Casebook 1-2 - Kaoru Shintani This book originally titles "
This book is basically the cases of Sherlock Holmes with a young girl added into solving them. It's kind of like "Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple" anime only it doesn't have an annoying duck and Crystal "Christie" Hope gets to do more. She often takes on cases that her uncle (Sherlock Holmes) ignores as too steeped in superstition to be of any interest.
Which is a bit of a failing in one of the cases.
In the "Case of the Sussex Vampire", Shintani decided to add in real vampires by way of Mina Tepes. This is only as a cross promotion for "Dance in the Vampire Bund" and doesn't further the story at all other then having a small side-story where Christie's great-great (great?) granddaughter meets Mina later.
The case itself is solved without supernatural means, however the follow-up the people's memories involved are erased/changed to make everything A-OK and that kinda rubs the wrong way. If you have vampires going about London why can't they solve murders and why can't they also be murderers. Which throws the story into the realm of supernatural possibilities.
It's a small thorn that can rub people the wrong way and make them give the rest of the books a pass.

Over-all if you want a new take on the Sherlock Holmes mysteries and want it from a young girl's perspective, these books might be your cup of tea.